E-mails, notifications, and permissions are based on your business configuration with KPIs reports. Web & Responsive. Multi-Language and Multi-currency.

Activities, Opportunities, Campaigns, Sales Funnels, and KPIs.

Proposals, Templates, Status, Versions, and KPIs.

Requests, Requisitions, Carts, Orders, Purchases, and KPIs.

Construction Management, Work diary and consumption of raw material, resources, profitability, and KPIs.

"Construction Base", Technical files, Operations Scheduling and KPIs

Product Management, Families, Sub-Families, and Product Dynamic.

Plant of your company. Indication and equipment management. Types and tree of equipment.

Easy scheduling of operations, approvals, and individual and team calendars with a drag-and-drop system.

Planning, managing, and analyzing, KPIs.

Traceability. Manual and/or automatic consumptions. Supervision and KPIs.

Connection to machines and IoT (Collection and Treatment)

Dataset, frequency charts, Performance, time, statistics, and process optimization.

Management of orders, contracts, occurrences, service orders, consumptions, maintenance plans, history, and KIPs.

Treatment of interventions, recording of consumptions/times, checklist of procedures, historic, QRCode, and digital signature.

Training management, requests, approvals, training map, public entity export, and KPIs.

Quality Management, flows, non-conformity, treatment of NC, internal/external audit plan, document management, and KPIs.

KPIs: Management, Financial, Sales, Construction, Production, Maintenance, Custom.

Integration with third-party applications.

Invoicing, Acconting, Inventory, Customers and Suppliers.

All file types with drag-and-drop system. Phone Photos. Classification. Tags and quick search.

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